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Adjectives and why we should kill most of them

You’ll remember that adjectives are describing words. But that means they can get in the way of the purpose of your writing. So, we should kill them – here’s why.

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Why weak content kills your search rankings

All the major search engines reward quality content. But it’s not always obvious what they mean by quality content – or how it affects your search rankings.

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How to help Google like your content

The content on your website isn’t working.

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3 ways to get your marketing plan back to basics

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot to consider when marketing your business. That makes it easy to get carried away with different strategies and campaigns.

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How to write a compelling blog post

There’s about a gazillion articles out there telling you how to write great blog posts. I’m going to boil it down to three elements.

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Why do you need a copywriter?

The fact is: everyone writes. It’s true that you can string together a few sentences that talk about what your business does well. So, why do you need a copywriter?

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Why simplicity is the best strategy for your ads

You like simple things. I like simple things. And the truth is: we all like simple things. That’s why simple works well for your advertising strategy.

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Why tone of voice is important

Tone of voice gets written about a lot. When it comes to your content marketing, the blog posts you produce are central to that effort. But how do you write them so that readers engage with your call to action?

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