You like simple things. I like simple things. And the truth is: we all like simple things. That’s why simple works well for your advertising strategy.

Many ad campaigns that went viral did so because the core idea was  simple.

Simple ads that worked

Think of the Just do it campaign from Nike. It worked because when it comes to exercising, in the end you have to just do it, right?

The lesson Nike taught us with that campaign was: find the core issue for your customers. Then, work that issue so that it is your business’s primary focus. 

Next, let’s think small. The Volkswagen ad from the 1960’s for the Beetle, took a simple approach too. 

The reason most marketers believe the ad worked so well is because it is honest. In the whole campaign there was no attempt to make the Beetle sound like something it wasn’t. 

The campaign focused on what made the car a unique experience. As you would in any other campaign. But the focus was on total honesty. 

It turns out that people like honesty.

We’ll do one more. a few years back, Apple ran a campaign called Get a Mac. There were a series of ads that showed the difference between a Mac and a PC.

The ads worked because they didn’t focus on flashy features. Instead, the focus was on highlighting a simple difference between a Mac and a PC. 

There’s that word simple again.

Simple works for your copy too

I am on a mission to bring simple, effective copy to businesses of all sizes. One of the features of all the ads I talked about above, is their copy is simple and direct. 

Here is one more example (this time a website) where the copywriters have kept things simple. 

Have a browse around the Trello website and you’ll see what I mean.

There’s another reason why you need a copywriter. The way that your business appears to your customers can be simple and direct. 

It works, as you can see in the examples in this article. 

So, your next move is also simple: drop me a line today so I can help you make things simple for your customers.