I’m not just all about writing website content. Building websites is something I’ve been involved in for 20+ years.

For recruiters…

  • I was head of development in two different roles spanning five years
  • I first started developing commercial websites in 2001
  • I’ve led teams of developers including both front-end and back-end skill sets
  • I use the Laravel framework and MySQL to build complex web applications
  • I’m proficient with jQuery and Bootstrap

For businesses…

I can provide you with help in the development of your website in two key areas:

  • Consultancy – I more than happy to conduct a review of your existing site and offer suggestions for its improvement. I can also work with you to propose a new build for your site. That includes figuring out the best user journeys and navigation infrastructure.
  • Development – My core experience is developing the functional aspects of your website. I know some talented designers who will help you with any design work.

Let me know what you need